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ML4all: scalable ML system for everyone

ML4all is a system that frees users from the burden of machine learning algorithm selection and low-level implementation details. It uses a new abstraction that is capable of solving most ML tasks and provides a cost-based optimizer on top of the proposed abstraction for choosing the best gradient descent algorithm in a given setting. Our results show that ML4all is more than two orders of magnitude faster than state-of-the-art systems and can process large datasets that were not possible before.

More details can be found in our dedicated SIGMOD publication and in Wayang's core system paper.


ML4all abstracts most ML algorithms with seven operators:

  • (1) Transform receives a data point to transform (e.g., normalize it) and outputs a new data point.

  • (2) Stage initializes all the required global param- eters (e.g., centroids for the k-means algorithm).

  • (3) Compute performs user-defined computations on the input data point and returns a new data point. For example, it can compute the nearest cen- troid for each input data point.

  • (4) Update updates the global parameters based on a user-defined formula. For example, it can update the new centroids based on the output computed by the Compute operator.

  • (5) Sample takes as input the size of the desired sample and the data points to sample from and re- turns a reduced set of sampled data points.

  • (6) Converge specifies a function that outputs a convergence dataset required for determining whether the iterations should continue or stop.

  • (7) Loop specifies the stopping condition on the convergence dataset.

Similar to MapReduce, where users need to implement a map and reduce function, users of ML4all wishing to develop their own algorithm should implement the above interfaces. The interfaces can be found in org.apache.wayang.ml4all.abstraction.api.

Examples for KMeans clustering and stochastic gradient descent can be found in org.apache.wayang.ml4all.algorithms.

Example runs

  • Kmeans:
./bin/wayang-submit org.apache.wayang.ml4all.examples.RunKMeans java,spark <url_path_to_file>/USCensus1990-sample.input 3 68 0 1
  • SGD:
./bin/wayang-submit org.apache.wayang.ml4all.examples.RunSGD spark <url_path_to_file>/adult.zeros.input 100827 123 10 0.001