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Developing in Wayang

This tutorial shows users how to compile their code within Wayang using maven.

Compile the module you modified

Within the root directory of Wayang, compile only the module you modified for faster compilation:

mvn clean install -DskipTests -pl <modified_module>

or change the directory to your module and compile there:

cd <modified_module> && mvn clean install

Important: before making a Pull Request make sure all modules compile and all tests are passing:

mvn clean install

Package the project

mvn clean package -pl :wayang-assembly -Pdistribution

Execute your code

Before executing your code, make sure the required environment variables are set correctly.

cd wayang-assembly/target/
tar -xvf apache-wayang-assembly-0.7.1-SNAPSHOT-incubating-dist.tar.gz
cd wayang-0.7.1-SNAPSHOT
./bin/wayang-submit org.apache.wayang.<main_class> <parameters>