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0.7.1 (incubating)

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Notes: Release Notes

Frameworks supported

  • Apache Flink v1.7.1
  • Apache Giraph v1.2.0-hadoop2
  • GraphChi v0.2.2 (only available with scala 11.x)
  • Java Streams (version depends on the java version)
  • JDBC-Template
  • Postgres v9.4.1208 (Implementation JDBC-Template)
  • Apache Spark v3.1.2 (scala 12.x) and v2.4.8 (scala 11.x)
  • SQLite3 v3.8.11.2 (implementation JDBC-Template)

NOTE: The supported platforms for Scala may vary depending on the Scala version.\

Previous releases

Older releases can be found here